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Trailers, Quotes and a 1998 tape tale

‘XMen: Days of Future Past’ trailer
I didn’t even bother with ‘The Wolverine’ as I am sick of Hugh Jackman. I read the graphic novel a few years ago and am looking forward to this. Time travel, Storm, Beast and an evil midget. Where is Emma Frost? Where are the Sentinels? This looks okay.

Best Lines:
“A darker past.”

“I was a very different man.”

“I don’t want your future.”

‘Dracula’ 1x02 promo

‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ TV spot

Reviews of ‘Quintessence’, ‘No Time Like The Past’, ‘Covert Affairs’ season 3, ‘Banquet For The Damned’, ‘Black Wings of Cthulhu volume 2’, ’Touch & Go’, ’Parasite’, ’Beauty’ and ’House of Small Shadows’ forthcoming.

I skimmed the new Sherlock Holmes book ‘The Will of the Dead’. It was awful, enough with the steampunk crap.

There will be no review of ‘Under The Dome’ 1x09 ‘The Fourth Hand’.

I made fondue: yum.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“It was a car; they considered the car the deadly weapon.”

“I was her evil older sister.”

“You don’t recall a knife fight that you escaped through a window?"

“Did Quincey ever get kicked by a pimp?”

‘Bromwell High’ Quotes:
“Keisha is like Terminator. Only harder.”

“Like a sleepy turd in the toilet bowl of British education.”

“I’ve got pills to control my violence. I’ll just take them for once.”

“Him looks like a dog’s arse.”

“Maths is as easy as 1, 2, 7.”

“People is intolerant. It is saddening.”

“And no more books. These kids can’t read anyway.”

“I is show you bitches!”

“This is like nasty Germany!”

“I love Valentine’s Day.”
“Yeah I like the bit where everyone gets drunk and your dad fights with policemen”
“That’s Christmas Day.”

‘The Counsellor’ Quote:
“When the axe comes through the door, I’ll already be gone.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Ruby is leaving soon. What prompted the massive cast cull? Sienna is keeping Tom prisoner. John Paul calls Danny a “Two-timing closet case.” Doug and Leanne’s joint funeral is held. Darren seems to regret hooking up with the shrill, joyless hag Sienna. Leela continues to be awful. Finn is objectionable. Doug’s mother shows up and mentions Doug’s father is too sick to travel to his dead gay son's funeral. Doug is being buried in Chester. Ste makes an idiot speech about how Doug did his hovering. Leah is at the funeral but where is Lucas? Sinead finally brings up the weirdness of Ste and Danny’s near hook up. What does Will know about Patrick? Martha sees an important locket that holds pictures of little Dodger, Will and Liberty. Dirk is a big, fat space filler.

Best Line:
“Next thing you’ll be using a thing called deodorant.”

Cleared out a 1998 tape. It opened with a season 2 ‘Due South’ episode ‘Flashback’ in which Fraser gets amnesia. This is an excuse for a crappy clip show. Then came a season 3 ‘Forever Knight’ episode ‘Black Buddha part 1’ in which two cast members are killed off in a plane explosion. Nick’s annoying new partner shows up and she meets a vampire (Ben Bass). Why was this show so overlit? Natalie is little miss all about me. And why doesn’t the blood Nick keeps in wine bottles in his fridge coagulate? Plus whatever became of Geraint Wyn Davies after this show? This was a yawner.

Then came a season 2 ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ episode ‘Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered’ in which Cordelia dumps Xander. So he gets the non-rat Amy to cast a love spell. It makes every woman in Sunnydale fall in love with Xander except Cordelia. Cue overlit mayhem. Spike and Drusilla bore. Giles bores. Violence erupts and this bored.

Best Line:
“Buffy for the love of God don’t open that raincoat.”

Finally there was another season 2 ‘Due South’ ep ‘Some Like It Red’ in which Catholic schoolgirls are in peril. So Fraser goes undercover at their convent school in drag. It is supposed to make sense in context. This was unfunny. Meg Thatcher annoyed, a nun (Michele Scarabelli of ‘Alien Nation’) used to date Vecchio and a wild child student (Heather McComb of ‘Profiler’) with an inappropriate boyfriend has found a vault on school grounds. The wild child is a moron and Fraser is an ass. This ep was a disappointment.
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