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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ final trailer
Looks good and best of all no Gale.

‘Penny Dreadful’ promo

‘Strike Back: Shadow Warfare’ promo

Best Lines:
“I know you’re British intelligence.”
“I’m not British. He’s certainly not intelligent.”

‘The Counsellor’ TV spot

‘The Eagle’ TV spot
Looks dumb.

‘16 & Pregnant’ Quotes:
“Has anyone ever heard of frikin’ sophistication?”

“Matt has no job.”

I may review ‘The Eagle’ and ‘The Shining’.

‘Atlantis’ has been renewed. How?!?

They’re rebooting ‘Charmed’? Oh come on!

‘The Walking Dead’ got a 5th season somehow.

They are making a sequel to ‘Olympus Has Fallen’? Heh.

I am reading ‘The Ceremonies’.

Red Berry Granola and Seven Nut Granola = yum.

On ‘Hollyoaks’, the residents naughty, idle and ungodly life and company goes on. Patrick slaps Maxine to the floor after a nice dinner descends into a row.  Maxine has a massive bruise on her face and thinks about leaving Patrick. He manipulates her into staying. The increasingly distressed Maxine will only to be able to placate Patrick for so long; someday it won’t be enough for him. Patrick disowns Dodger. Will is rabid. Dirk is oblivious. Martha mourns Ash and Callum but seems to forget she has a third child: Lacey. Nancy is out of the loony bin. Nana McQueen notices the “pong in the loft” that is Dr Paul decomposing. Dirk offers to clean out the loft so Cindy shags him to keep him out of the loft. Sandy is a nurse of all specialities apparently. John-Paul’s surrogate Chloe shows up to mooch more money. Sienna sees a chance to get a baby. Tom is still missing.

Best Lines:
“You are no longer my son.”

“Dodger, your superhero son who can’t do no wrong.”
“Oh don’t start with that waffle again Will.”

“God forbid you should say hello to your dead girlfriend’s mother.”

“They get up in the eaves and die.”

“Lovely manners for a commoner.”

“Did I honestly just see that?”

“I can smell his stench on you.”
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