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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Escape Artist’ promo
BBC1’s latest drama looks weird and that gurning idiot David Tennant is in it.

‘Dracula’ promo

‘Elementary’ 2x02 promo

‘Poirot: Dead Man’s Folly’ promo
I loved the book but the large ham David Suchet ruins everything.

‘The Day of the Doctor’ promo

Stumpy’s Brae’ promo
This BBC2 Halloween one off looks interesting. Is this the BBC’s first Halloween special since the infamous ‘Ghostwatch’ back in 1992?

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Quote:
“Die toaster die.”

‘Wreckers’ Quotes:
You drafting for Sharon’s dad now?”
“Married her. He’s dead, thank Christ.”

“They spit in the food.”

They’re rebooting ‘Murder She Wrote’?!?

Reviews of ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Stumpy’s Brae’ forthcoming.

Milk Chocolate with Maple and Walnut = nice.

On ‘Hollyoaks’, the Lomax clan get a lot of screen time as Leela is awful. Ste does not bring up Danny shagging John-Paul.  Maxine has medical issues. Will and his awful clothes, bad hairdo and ‘Alfie’ glasses is leaving soon. Maxine cries and wails that she’s not good enough for Patrick as he plays her. Will hates on Dodger and is awful. Martha makes a spectacle of herself at Ash and Callum’s memorial.

Best Line:
“You gobby cow!”
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