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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Captain America: The Winter Solider’ trailer
Black Widow, no Hawkeye, Robert Redford and a shield catch. I’m not sure.

Best Lines:
“This isn’t freedom. This is fear.”

“Before we get started, does anybody want to get out?”

“All the guys in my barbershop quartet are dead.”

‘Battlestar Galactica’ season 1 promo
When this show was good it was very, very good but when it was bad: it was HORRID.

‘Hex’ series 1 promo
From 2004. Good promo, awful show.

‘The Client List’ promo

Tom Hardy is to play Elton John in a biopic?!?!

Norman Reedus of ‘The Walking Dead’ played one of Paige’s many men in ‘Charmed’? I did not know that.

‘Battlestar Galactica’ season 1 Quotes:
“This is a witch hunt. I will not have it aboard my ship.”

“Adama is a cylon.”

“I’m terminating your Presidency as of this moment.”

Awkward’ Quote:
“My mother’s greatest humiliation - me.”

‘Don’t Trust The B---- In Apartment 23’ Quotes:
“I’m gonna unseat that foot ho.”

“Garden basement trash.”

“I did a lot of plays.”
“And a lot of drugs. And a lot of dudes.”

“Don’t you dare Patrice!”

“She tried to die on me. But I found her.”

“What’s worse than a foot ho?”
“A dead foot ho?”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Ste meets yet another half sister and calls her a “gobby tramp” Tony is crass about Doug’s death. Leah and Lucas are visiting Ste. Why is Amy letting them stay? Ste has no house because Clare blew it up! Dodger has walked off bricks falling on his face. Maxine is devoted to the vicious ass Patrick who is tormenting her. Where are Doug’s family? Ste has a snot drizzling cry over dead Doug. Danny has three daughters: Peri the tween brat, Tegan who has just had a baby and Leela the gooby tramp. Peri and Tegan accept Ste, Leela violently rejects him. Danny coos over his latest unexpected grandchild.

The Roscoe’s are trash. Ruby struts around in booty shorts, it is kind of demeaning. Leela steals Leah’s candy, I'm tired of her already. Patrick is a violent, scowling bully. Ste was conceived when Danny cheated on Sam. Leela mocks Ste for being a gay widow. Ste lists off his life of woe to her. She mocks harder so Ste stomps off. Dodger wants a baby. Who wants to bet that Tegan’s bastard child is his? Ste tells Tegan how to be a mother. The Roscoe chav, Robbie, tries to gaybash George and Vincent. So Vincent shoves Robbie into some bushes while calling him a “disgusting little boy.” Nice one. But I’ve read spoilers about what Robbie and his chav pal Finn will do to John-Paul in 2014.  Poor John-Paul, Robbie and Finn are awful.

Best Lines:
“Special cuddle.”

“He’s shaved his bum fluff.”

“Anymore secret babies going to popping up from the drain?”

“Go knock somebody else up.”

“My stepdad was a waste of skin.”

“You two need to start your own colony for pig ignorant morons.”

“The little gay cuckoo.”
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