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Arrow 2x01&2x02 + Elementary 2x01 Reviewed

City of Heroes
Oliver has gone back to craphole island brooding over his dead BFF. Shame he didn’t care that much about Tommy when he was still alive. Felicity and Diggle show up to get him to go back home. How did they get back to Starling City anyway? Queen Consolidated faces a hostile takeover by Isabel Rochev (Summer Glau of ‘Firefly’, ‘The Cape’ and ‘Dollhouse’). Half the Glades have been destroyed and Roy and Thea are running the nightclub while humping. Also Lance has been demoted and wanders around in an ill-fitting uniform.

All in all there is a vague feeling of unease in Starling City. Copycat vigilantes rampage, Oliver is still panting over Laurel and thinking about changing his vigilante name, Felicity and Diggle get up in their bully pulpit and Laurel has quit CNRI to work for the DA because she blames the vigilante for Tommy’s death. She should blame herself for not leaving CNRI before the roof fell in. Walter shows up for about a minute and the Black Canary makes a brief appearance. Meanwhile flashbacks show how Oliver and Shado got close. Why has he never mentioned her or Slade since getting off the island? What became of them? This was okay, but I miss poor Tommy.

Best Lines:
“Tommy died.”

“She looks angry in every photo.”

“I choose not to be her daughter.”

“There were no doors left to be reopened.”

“You majored in dropping out of college.”

“Malcolm killed Tommy.”

Oliver won’t put on a damn shirt. FEMA medical supplies for the Glades are being hijacked by China White and her Dolly Parton wig. Laurel (and her bizarre chin and cheek implants) menaces Roy as part of her plan to catch the vigilante. A truly irritating politician named Sebastian Blood shows up to monologue about the 503 victims of the undertaking. Felicity whines about having to be Oliver’s secretary. Oliver has to fight some Wolverine wannabe. Felicity does not care for Laurel. Flashbacks show how Oliver just strolled off and left Tommy impaled on that rebar and Laurel wandered back in and found him. So she thinks the vigilante left Tommy to die. Flashbacks to craphole island show Slade seemingly jealous of Oliver and Shado and the trio find a mass grave from WW2. What is so special about craphole island? Oliver makes Roy his snitch and Laurel tries to trap the vigilante. Laurel is patchily tolerant and she has a perpetual droning whine, why won't she die?

Best Lines:
“The emerald archer.”

“Somehow I knew you wouldn’t listen.”

“This isn’t your city. It’s your killing fields”
“The copycats are still alive.”
“Tommy Merlyn isn’t.”

Step Nine
Holmes feels he is too good for NA and heads to London to help out his old pal Lestrade. Poor Gareth Lestrade (Sean Pertwee of ‘Dog Soldiers’) is sure a press baron’s son murdered his wife but can’t prove it. Watson tags along as the black cab takes in all of London’s sights. Holmes drags Watson to 221B (which looks nothing like Baker Street) and they encounter Holmes’ estranged brother Mycroft (Rhys Ifans doing his usual subdued acting).

Holmes heaps abuse on Mycroft and generally acts like an ass. Lestrade and Holmes discuss their ‘Norwood Builder’ case. It is revealed the press baron’s son committed murder via a gun made by a 3D printer. Watson learns Mycroft’s secret, something Holmes is too selfish to notice. Why does Mycroft want to be Sherlock’s friend? Lestrade is vindicated and Holmes is a complete and utter jerk who will not apologise. This was good, more Mycroft please.

Best Lines:
“What have you done with my things?”
“Charity shops.”

“Without you the airline might seat me next to a morbidly obese person. Or a child.”

“Our relationship is entirely genetic.”

“The last time I saw him he was face-deep in my fiancée.”

“Sherlock doesn’t have friends.”

“Sherlock is addicted to being himself.”

“That’s bollocks.”
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