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Fringe 1x14 Review


People die in a disgusting manner, the prison escapee Mr Jones shows up at the FBI, Olivia learns she is special, the IA prat is back and he seems unaware that one shouldn't provoke a lunatic. Also Loeb and Jones turn out to be followers of an anti-science self published manifesto/rant. And the author of this rant is none other than Walter. Though nobody knows this but him and he has apparently forgotten writing it. Also there are hints of multiple universes, a coming war and Mr Jones turning into something.

Questions remain: is Walter a goodie or a baddie and whatever happened to the hints that there is something preternatural about Peter? Anyway this was okish and seems to exist mainly to set up future plot arcs.

Best Lines:
"How come when nobody knows and it doesn't make sense, they come to us?"

"What was written will come to pass. Nothing you do can stop that."

"The man was clever enough to Star Trek himself out of a maximum security German prison."

"Only one world will survive."

"Walter, put the cow away!"
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