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Nikita 3x11 Reviewed

Black Badge
A CIA analyst, Naomi, gets a hard drive which contains files which details Madeline Pierce’s involvement with Division. Amanda has made her move, but it is actually just an opening gambit in a ploy that will see Sean’s life ruined. Nikita causes death, fires and explosions every time she opens her mouth. Sean takes his shirt off a lot and bellows out words. He and Alex both seem to have dyed themselves orange. Nikita has a paranoiac fascination with Amanda. But not paranoiac enough as Amanda murders, frames and Sean’s life is forever changed. Sean’s sisters are unseen, the FBI fail to recognise Alex, there is a twist and this was a very good, tumultuous episode. Poor Sean’s life as he knew it is over.

Best Lines:
“Division is illegal. It always has been.”

“This is bad.”
“And getting worse.”

“He gave the eulogy at my funeral. I can’t even go to his.”

“Questions that can’t be unasked.”

“Kill Sean Pierce. Again.”
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