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The Last Witch + Once Upon A Time 2x20 Reviewed

Drama Matters: The Last Witch (2013)
Another one off drama like ‘The Psychopath Next Door’ that has the potential to be a series. I really hope ‘Witch’ and ‘Psychopath’ both get taken to series. I really enjoyed this. Alice (Katherine Kelly of ‘The Guilty’) wanders the earth. She’s a 15th century witch living under a curse laid by her far more powerful and far more wicked sister Jane. An old woman, Miranda, is bespelled into giving Alice help. This goes badly for Miranda and her slightly dim lodger Daniel. Jane is so powerful and so filled with hatred for Alice that she has come back from the grave. A confrontation between the estranged sisters suggests Alice may not be as innocent as she lets on. Meanwhile the police investigate a strange death and there are legends of the infamous witchy Lister sisters. In the final scenes, Alice and Jane’s standoff reaches a new level. This was very good, I’m intrigued enough to hope for more on the morally compromised Alice.

Best Lines:
“My turn to google.”

“When I was cut down from the scaffold in 1704, it was a long drop.”

“Just the same, only weirder.”

“That’s not my mummy.”

The Evil Queen
Hook, Greg and Tamara bore. Why is Tamara (who can’t act) so set on killing magical creatures? Meanwhile in flashback Regina dresses like an 80s soap star and carries on her revenge strop. I’m tired of Regina’s vacuous and oddly costive petulantly ongoing self reverence. Henry’s an idiot. Regina plans to kill everyone. Emma is onto Tamara but Snow and junkie don’t listen. Junkie is boring, mumbling and displays a stunning lack of intellectual curiosity. The CGI is awful. Regina stomps around underground and keeps something important in Snow’s glass casket. Wasn’t the glass casket located somewhere else back in season 1? In flashback Snow issued a thundering denunciation of Regina, shame she never got around to killing her. Regina just will not stop with her stilted belligerence. Hook is razor allergic and dreary. David learns the field of magic beans has been burned. This ep and season 2 in total has been badly handled, I don’t think I’ll bother with season 3.

Best Lines:
“You did just slaughter an entire village. Maybe that’s why they call you the evil queen.”

“They’ll never love you.”

“They’ll be singing praises over her smouldering, villainous remains.”

“Your murder didn’t take.”

“They will see my kindness.”
“Through the charred remains of their homes.”

“It is too late for her...there’s no good in that woman, none...there never was.”
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