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The 7th tape tale

Checked out a tape from sometime in 2000 or 2001. It had five tv show episodes on it. One each of 'Popular', 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys', 'Cleopatra 2525', 'Jack of All Trades' and 'Andromeda'.

The 'Popular' ep was 'Ch-ch-changes', a preach-fest of an ep featuring special guest star Delta Burke. The woodshop teacher undergoes a change, Harrison's mother has a boring plot and Adam (Wentworth Miller) shows up but he's all boring now that he isn't evil. This was dull.

The 'Hercules' ep was 'Armageddon Now Part 1', a dull episode populated by idiots who either overact or can't act. I miss this show.

The 'Cleopatra 2525' ep was 'Flying Lessons' and was utterly awful. The picture was murky, there were awful costumes, bad music and an idiot plot. The eps of this show that featured the main plot arc about Voice/The Baileys were far better.

The 'Jack of All Trades' ep was 'The Floundering Founder' and it showcased this shows weakness: the carrier parrot idiocy and idiot comedy. Still Bruce Campbell and the cool opening credits saved this show from being total throwaway tv.

And finally the only good episode on the tape was the 'Andromeda' ep 'Double Helix' which had Paul Johansson of 'Highlander: The Raven' and 'One Tree Hill' as the villain o'the week. This was good even if Tyr did his usual routine of ranting and bad over-acting. Watching this, one notices the somewhat drastic change in Johansson's appearance since this show and 'One Tree Hill'.
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