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Colditz 2x08 + The Walking Dead 3x16 Review

Colditz (1972 - 1974) 2x08

The Gambler
It is WW2 and Colditz castle holds POW’s who have tried to escape. Colditz is supposed to be inescapable. A new POW, Collins, has shown up and he is a card sharp gambler. RAF officer Carter (David McCallum and his brylcreamed hair and bizarre moustache) gets the measure of him. Various nasty Huns stride around, there are no French or Polish POWs to be seen and a nasty German officer is played by Anthony Valentine of 'Raffles'. Collins plays cards with the Huns, David McCallum wears a really unflattering RAF uniform, some people are very, very posh and escape is a very serious matter. Collins doesn’t like Carter and the feeling is mutual. This was worthy but dull.

Best Lines:
“Listen sonny, I can take the pants off you.”

“I don’t think I like your tone Collins.”

Welcome To The Tombs
The Governor has gone full on psycho. His minion Milton turns. Andrea is ever useless. Carl sulks. The Governor war mongers and finally gets around to attacking the prison. Rick and co drive them off. Carl is murderous. The Governor snaps. Rick and co take in what is left of Woodbury. The idiot Rick explores the Governor’s sex cave. Andrea’s dead, nobody cares. With all the new arrivals at the prison: what will they eat? Where do they get their endless petrol? Will I bother with season 4? This was truly awful.

Best Line:
“We’re done fighting for a hole with half a dozen psychopaths living in it. They can keep it.”
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