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Lost Season 5 Ep 4 review

The Little Prince

Kate borrows a little black suit of Sun's and goes off to confront the lawyer who wants her blood. That's a nice suit. It is revealed that Sun is shifty and Ben hired the lawyer to torment Kate. Meanwhile back on the island, Daniel acts shifty and claims time travel jet lag caused Charlotte's nose bleeds. But then Miles and Juliet have nosebleeds too.

Meanwhile Jack gets soaked in a rainstorm in LA and back on the island, Jin is dragged out of the ocean by a young and very pregnant Danielle. Where are all the other lostaways? Are the whispers an indication of the time jumps? Where did the canoes come from? Where did the Indian airliner water bottle come from? This was okish, it was a bit dull in places.

Best Lines:
"Really bad jet lag doesn't make you haemorrhage."

"Other others?"
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