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The Invisible Man (1975) 1x06 - 1x10 Reviewed

Barnard Wants Out
‘Gemini Man’ was made as a follow up to this show and it crashed harder. A scientist who defected in 1960 wants to defect back. Walter trips over an invisible Dan who is sunbathing. Kate wears a hoochie swimsuit. Doesn’t Kate have a PHD? People seem to forget that. At a conference in Sweden, Dan and Kate have to help Dr Barnard and his daughter Anna defect. Anna has a creepy fiancée and a Chairman Mao pantsuit. This was dated, silly and featured the worst defection ever due to terrible security. Dan wears a beige suit and a checked shirt. The villain of the week over-enunciates and refers to himself in the third person.

Best Lines:
“Good night and I hope goodbye.”

“What is that woman doing? A fertility dance?”

“I hate grape.”

Go Directly To Jail
Westin breaks into a jail as Harry Wells to help an imate on behalf of the Klae Corporation’s cleaning lady. Said prisoner is actually an undercover agent and Daniel has messed things up. The drug dealing warden and mean guard rumble them. Cue unfunny comedy, a prison break, Walter being a jerk and this was dumb.

Best Lines:
“Let us not make it worse by actually talking to each other.”

“What do you think this is? ‘The Defiant Ones’?”

Stop When Red Lights Flash
Daniel and Kate fall foul of a small town scam. Daniel never thinks and gets into it with the corrupt small town judge. This was tired and the ongoing swindle was ridiculous. The small town judge was like a boring version of ‘Maximum Bob’. Walter is a lawyer apparently. Daniel has a backup face mask. There is hysteria, boring tension and boring conflict. As Daniel festers in jail, he still has no concept of relinquishment. I miss the harrowing tone of 1x01. Why isn’t he irrational or depressed from being seemingly permanently invisible? Kate honeytraps yet again. The town drunk sees the invisible Daniel riding a bike. He’s naked whilst doing that don’t forget. This was terrible and the lack of a myth arc grates.

Best Lines:
“How is it?

Pin Money
Walter’s aunt has been fiddling the books at her bank but now they’ve got a room sized ‘accounting computer’ and the evil Telly Savalas look-alike computer tech is onto her thieving. Walter’s aunt stole from the bank because she is a gambling addict who overacts. Kate is a hypocrite, Daniel wears socks to bed because his plastic surgeon friend never made him fake feet. Daniel decides to help the pinch faced old biddy by robbing the bank. But during his fake heist, Walter and some real bank robbers show up. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:
“Why are you doing this?”

“It’s coming out of the closet.”

The Klae Dynasty
The Klae siblings (Morgan, Carolyn and Julian) show up to arrange some sort of get together. They don’t know what the Klae Resource is. A security man named Scopes shows up to annoy and betray. Carolyn who can’t act is kidnapped, Daniel saves the day and there is a nuclear reactor until the Klae building that has never been mentioned until now. Walter is dumb. This was okay but is still better than the sheer awfulness of ‘NCIS’.

Best Lines:
“I hope you both realise how close we came to stark, raving unemployment.”

“It’s either that or walking pneumonia.”
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