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Book Reviews: Night Shift + Other Worlds Than These

Night Shift by Stephen King
This 1978 book was King’s first collection of short stories.

Night Surf
A story set in the world of ‘The Stand’. Various unpleasant types sit around waiting to die. Good.

I Am The Doorway
An astronaut has a terrible legacy from his career. Okay.

The Mangler
A demonic laundry press rampages. Okay.

The Boogeyman
An unpleasant man tells the story of how his three children died. Good.

Trucks become sentient and take over. Good but how do trucks know Morse code?

Sometimes They Come Back
A teacher realises some of his students are undead murderers. Luckily he has a book that has the title ‘Malefic Spirits and How To Call Them’ so he can get revenge. Good.

Strawberry Spring
A murderer is on the loose. Okay.

The Ledge
A man fell in love with a married woman and now her husband enacts a bizarre revenge. Good.

Quitters, Inc
A man wants to quit smoking and unwittingly signs up for some extreme aversion therapy. Good.

Best Line:
“A fourth offense would show grave co-operation problems and would require sterner measures.”

I Know What You Need
A girl meets a boy who offers her everything. Okay.

Children Of The Corn
A couple who hate each other go on a car trip and end up in Gatlin where a sinister unknown faceless threat awaits them. Something bad happened in Gaitlin in 1964, something to do with corn and He Who Walks Behind The Rows. Excellent.

Best Lines:
“Doesn’t that strike you as being just a little bit odd?”

“Pagan devil-children.”

“Out there, in the night, something walked.”

One For The Road
A follow up to ‘Salem’s Lot’. A car breaks down near the burnt out town. Excellent.

Best Line:
“Remember who made that turn on to an unploughed road in the middle of a godammed blizzard.”

Other Worlds Than These edited by John Joseph Adams
This is a disappointing collection of sci-fi/fantasy short stories about parallel worlds or as the editor pretentiously calls it ‘portal fantasies’.  I didn’t care about 98% of the stories.

The Rose Wall
By Joyce Carol Oates. A girl forbidden to go outside the walls finds and open gate. And can’t go home again. Good.

Magic For Beginners
A boy and his friends obsess over a TV show. Good.

The Cristobel Effect
A man saves James Dean’s life. Okay.

Mrs Todd’s Shortcut
By Stephen King. A woman loves shortcuts even if they take her on mysterious roads. Good.

The Ontological Factor
A man finds a house full of doors. Okay.

Dear Annabehls
A creepy advice column.

Best Line:
“One of me will smile in a dark, sly way that gives me chills.”
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