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Retro Review: Charmed 5x03

Happily Ever After
From 2002 comes this ep. Piper is knocked up and reading fairy tales to the foetus. An evil witch (Natalija Nogulich of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’) is on the loose twisting fairy tales. Phoebe is lazy, selfish and hateful. She also wears a slutty top to work and won’t listen to Cole. Grams makes a temporary return from the dead and meets Paige. Cole wants Phoebe back and she does nothing but blow him off and hurl accusations about. Phoebe transforms into Cinderella and goosesteps around in ‘glass’ slippers whilst wearing a hideously slutty ‘ballgown’ which is nothing but a bra and hotpants. Phoebe is loud and crass. Paige chomps on a red apple and turns into Snow White. Grams is eaten by a wolf and Piper is Red Riding Hood and saves the day. This was good with little people, the ruby slippers and comedy. Still if Cole had put Phoebe through a woodchipper no-one would have blamed him.

Best Lines:
“They’re filled with evil witches; you really want to teach your kid that?”

“Aren’t you dead yet?”

“Demon ex-husband from hell.”

“We built a nursery in our bedroom closet.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be dead?”

“No crazy person off the street is that good with an axe.”

“Think she knows that’s a wolf?”
“Not our business.”
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