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‘Witches of East End’ promo
It’s ‘Charmed’ with desperate housewives isn’t it?

‘Last Days’ Quotes:
“Kyle had seen his scarred blockhead gurning from at least two lurid red covers of true-crime books in the airport bookshop in between tomes of football hooligan folklore.”

“You make me come down there you talent less little wanker, and you’ll be using the disabled seat on the bus to get home.”
“Can you hear me pissing myself, Malcolm, all over your welcome mat?”

“You’ll do more than piss yourself when your door comes in!”

‘The Haunting of Hill House’ Quote:
“Whatever walked there, walked alone.”

‘Young Justice’ Quotes:
“Do not expect to survive.”

“Cowardly meat!”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Your bitch ass husband.”

“You can burn in hell.”

“I will use drugs until I overdose and I’m dead.”

‘Two and a Half Men’ Quotes:
“Are you dead?”

“He decided to have his sphincter bleached.”

“I heard he was a drunken manwhore.”

“You took the wrong Harper!”

“You even mooch off the dead.”

“I replaced the carpets and the drapes and pretty much anything that could absorb fluid.”

I made Orange Custard. It did not thicken! Stupid recipe. Tasted good though.
Raspberries and granola = yum.
Blue Raspberry Taffy = nice.
Club Orange = nice.

I am reading ‘Reanimators’.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Dirk is AWOL. Doug is left holding the kids as Ste is arrested yet again. Where are social services? Does no-one recall when Ste tried to sell his son? Sinead wears horrible purple jeggings and seems unaware that her dirtypillows go inside her top. Ste says he loves Doug. Ste seems to have forgotten his flagrant adultery with Brendan. Sinead carries the late DS Trent’s bloody police ID in her purse. Danny spies on Ste and Doug making out. Okay that is just creepy. Jim, Freddie, Mercedes, Sinead, Ste and Doug decide Trevor has to go and go for good. Sinead and Mercedes pawing at DS Trent’s police ID with their bare hands won’t help get rid of Trevor. Remember last years wedding bus crash? Well this year, Trevor does a bombing. Why do people still live in Hollyoaks with its massive death rate, constant fires, serial killers, explosions, murders, sex crimes and endless revelations about the paternity of children?
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