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Book Review: New Cthulhu: The Recent Weird, part 2

New Cthulhu: The Recent Weird edited by Paula Guran, part 2

The Fungal Stain
A man accidentally summons something. Bad.

A Study In Emerald
Neil Gaiman’s excellent classic Lovecrafitan Sherlock Holmes story, originally published in ‘Shadows Over Baker Street’.

Buried In The Sky
After a tragedy, a family moves to a new home. It’s a bad place. Okay.

Bringing Helena Back
A man helps his friend bring his foul wife back from the grave. Good.

Best Lines:
“Blaine had not brought Helena back to life; he had done something far, far worse.”

“The warnings in the Mortui Liber Magistri against the caster crossing the circle were dire and uncompromising.”

“If there is another copy, let it molder to dust wherever it lies.”

Take Me To The River
Something odd is happening around a music festival. Good.

The Essayist In The Wilderness
A couple move to a remote house and encounter nature. This is good with a deliciously unreliable narrator.

The Disciple
A discontented man seeks to join a very special class for the disaffected and the disenchanted. Good.

Shoggoths In Bloom
A man studies Shoggoths. Ugh.

Cold Water Survival
Survivors cling to an iceberg aware of the shapes in the ice. Very good.

The Great White Bed
Watching grandpa goes badly for a child. Mediocre.

Lesser Demons
A much collected story about a cop fighting Lovecraftian horrors in his town. Very good.

Grinding Rock
A fire-fighter sees something whilst battling a blaze. Good.

A little boy learns things from a neighbourhood seer. Excellent.

Best Lines:
“Open up that window, you’d better be damn careful that what’s in the details doesn’t look back and see you.”

“Something old and predatory and utterly terrible staring right back at me.”

Another Fish Story
By Kim Newman. A monster walks the desert and encounters Charles Manson and his family. Very good.

Head Music
Something washes up on a beach. Ugh.

A monster lurks in San Francisco. Okay.

Best Line:
“No way was I messin’ around in them bushes.”

A far future tale. Ugh.

A Colder War
The cold war is fought with old ones. This is a bleak and excellent tale of deep geological time and cosmic horror.

Best Line:
“They’re trying to summon something through it.”
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