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Stuff and a 2005 tape tale

RIP Tom Clancy.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: while making out in the woods John Paul and Danny find the body of DCI Trent. Who was Sinead’s murdered lover, whom she’s gotten over really quickly. Trevor is the minion of Fraser who is Sandy’s mancandy. Fraser is Clare’s dad. Keep the wretched Clare off this show. She is a show killer like the insufferable Mandy. Ste wants to reconcile with Doug. Frankie ran over Lyndsey and killed her unborn child. Frankie got over that real quick, Lyndsey has not. Tony’s dying. Ste messes things up with Doug again. No change in Hollyoaks.

I am reading ‘Other Worlds Than These’.

‘Bandslam’ Quote:
“Lunch today was like a Nuremberg rally produced by MTV.”

‘China Beach’ opening credits:
Nice credits, nice music, indifferent show. What became of half the cast?

Cleared out a 2005 tape. It began with a season 4 ‘Smallville’ ep ‘Thirst’ in which vampires hang out on campus. Brainiac is pretending to be a professor. Carrie Fisher’s guest turn is wasted and you know? Screw this show.

Then came a ‘Stargate Atlantis’ ep ‘The Tower’ in which Peter Woodward guest starred whilst sporting a Fabio shirt. Sheppard’s Ancient DNA was finally brought up again but otherwise? Rubbish!

Then came a season 1 ‘Supernatural’ ep ‘Phantom Traveller’ in which a demon causes plane crashes. Sam has a silly haircut and I’m reminded that the original palette of this show was so monochrome you’d think the show was in black and white. Dean’s scared to fly. When did the bros last say “Christos” to make a demon reveal themselves? Sam, Dean and the woman of the week do a mid air exorcism and no one sees or hears anything. Silly.

Finally there was an ep of ‘Invasion’ entitled ‘The Cradle’. There is blended family tension, Tom (William Fichtner) is creepy, Russell (Eddie Cibrian) is an ineffective hero and a fat loser (Tyler Labine) is obsessed with aliens. Fat loser is right about the alien invasion but this show is so sweaty and slow moving it got cancelled so no plot resolution. A baby is abandoned by trailer trash (Elisabeth Moss of 'Mad Men'). Russell’s new wife Larkin is a moron. His ex wife Mariel, now married to Tom, stares a lot and this bored.
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