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The Psychopath Next Door + The Walking Dead 3x15 Reviewed

Drama Matters: The Psychopath Next Door (2013)
This one off drama has the potential to be a good series. Dr Eve Wright (the scarily surgically altered Anna Friel) moves to a new house leaving behind a patient who had a breakdown. Eve and her 1940’s red fright wig, pencil thin body, prostitute shoes and really bad cosmetic surgery arouses interest. Eve sets about manipulating three irritating housefraus, only one irritating kid sees Eve for what she is. Eve has off emotional responses to everyday events, has joyless sink sex with a waiter, gets people to spill their secrets to her and arranges a car accident. Meanwhile Eve’s former patient keeps making contact claiming Eve is a phoney. Will Eve’s new ‘friends’ realise the danger she poses? This was good with potential for more.

Best Lines:
“Do you remember when you had that sex dream about Boris Johnson?”

“Can I see you again?”

“What dead cuckoo?”

This Sorrowful Life
Rick and co plan to hand Michonne over to the Governor to save their own asses. What charming people they are. Rick ignores Little Bastard to brood. Carol is useless. What are they using for nappies for Little Bastard? Merle decides to hand Michonne over himself. Merle justifies himself. Rick and co are hypocrites. People Jack Bauer whisper at each other. Rick still sees visions of his dead ho wife. I care not for the fragile disintegrating egoist Rick and his cult of narcissism. Crispy faced Merle changes his mind about dragging Michonne to the Governor’s Pete Doherty dungeon when she points out he’s wasted his chance for a fresh start. Merle comes up with a ‘cunning plan’. It fails. People die. Rick makes a boring speech and Glen proposes to Maggie. This was so dull and dumb.

Best Lines:
“He’s one man. There’ll be others like him. There always have been.”

“No-one’s going to mourn you.”
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