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Book Reviews: Shadows Over Innsmouth + New Cthulhu: The Recent Weird, part 1

Shadows Over Innsmouth edited by Stephen Jones
This 1994 anthology has been reprinted. It is a celebration of Lovecraft’s classic tale of a small town with a dark secret and the raging lunatics who dwell in it.

The Shadow Over Innsmouth
Lovecraft’s classic tale of fishy decay.

Beyond The Reef
A really bad tale about boring events on a college campus near Innsmouth.

The Big Fish
A good Cthulhu noir tale.

Return To Innsmouth
By Guy N. Smith. A man makes an ill fated visit to Innsmouth. This is short but good.

The Crossing
A man looks for his father. Dull.

Down To The Boots
A short bit of florid prose that is crapulous.

The Church In High Street
A man investigates a disappearance. Tired, empty and shallow.

Best Lines:
“You’ll try to find him and find - something else.”

“That Which Claws at the Barrier.”

Innsmouth Gold
An idiot scrote hunts for gold near Innsmouth. Bad stuff goes down. This is okay.

Daoine Domhain
A man learns the fate of his long lost grandfather. This is overbaked melodrama that is near comical in its luridness.

A Quarter To Three
An everyday tale of Innsmouth folk. Okay.

The Tomb Of Priscus
In an ancient Barrow, something is found. Good.

Best Line:
When will the stars be right and from whose vantage point?”

The Innsmouth Heritage
A geneticist studies the Innsmouth residents. Okay.

The Homecoming
A ridiculous tale of post-Ceausescu Romania. A woman runs around behaving as though she is ripe for sectioning. This laceratingly bad story invokes a complete absence of goodwill.

A creepy (if outdated) tale of Innsmouth’s move into technology. Good.

To See The Sea
A couple visit a strange little seaside town. Good.

Dagon’s Bell
This tale starts promisingly as a man’s friends buy a farm that hides foul and loathsome sights. But it turns to the bad soon enough.

Only The End of the World Again
By Neil Gaiman. In Innsmouth the Deep Ones are rising, again. Good.

New Cthulhu: The Recent Weird edited by Paula Guran, part 1

Pickman’s Other Model (1929)
Caitlin R. Kiernan’s wonderful, deeply disturbing tale of outré horror.

Fair Exchange
A scrote burglar robs a house and his life is changed. Good.

Mr Gaunt
A man is told a family secret. Good.

The Vicar of R’Lyeh
A software designer is unwillingly dragged into R’lyeh’s rising. Good.

The Crevasse
Odd goings on in the glacial terrain. Okay.

Bad Sushi
A sushi chef fights evil. Bad.

Old Virginia
A delightfully dark tale about mysterious goings on the woods.

The Dude Who Collected Lovecraft
A man has a memorable encounter with a Lovecraft enthusiast. Very good.

The Oram County Whoosit
Something has got loose. Ugh.
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