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Book Reviews: Tempest's Legacy + The Plague Stone + The Crow Biddy

Tempest’s Legacy by Nicole Peeler
The 3rd ‘Jane True’ novel is a boring mish mash of violence, twee romance, plot twists and navel gazing.

The Plague Stone by Gillian White
The ancient, grotesque, sinister stone has always looked out of place in Meadcombe village. One night three desperate women make wishes, by the next day all their wishes have come true. This leads to hysteria, madness and a downbeat ending. Is the plague stone a sentient malevolent totem of dark magic as some suspect or does the village have a macabre underbelly that some wish to deny? This is very good.

The Crow Biddy by Gillian White
Middle aged women recall how long ago as schoolgirls they ‘played’ at black magic. That past has terrible consequences in the present. This is a very good, sinister, creepy, disturbing tale.
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