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Book Review: Magic Rises

Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews
The 6th in the ‘Kate Daniels’ series after ‘Magic Bites’, ‘Magic Burns’, ‘Magic Strikes’, ‘Magic Bleeds’ and ‘Magic Slays’ is a disappointment. It feels like padding. Kate and Curran travel across the Black Sea to find medicine for the dying shape shifter children. They run into enemies both old and new. Kate broods over her immortal wizard father and Curran bores. I did not like this; it was a boring place holder. I’ve loved all the previous ‘Kate Daniels’ book but something went wrong here. Plus doesn’t Kate have to feed her sword?

Best Lines:
“I wouldn’t stand near cliffs when she’s around, because she will push you over.”

“I just want one of them to care. But they don’t.”
“They probably don’t.”

“Can’t a woman cry in peace?”
“Not with these acoustics.”

“He’ll show you many spots where people who thought they were smarter than him are hidden six feet under the ground.”

“If you ever see this, run.”
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