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Movie Review: The Inbetweeners Movie (2011)

The four sexist gits go on holiday to Crete. Cue vulgarity, shagging, drinking, swearing and gross revenge against a love rival. The foursome stay in a horrible resort apartment and shout non-pc ‘humour’ at each other. After this, the actors went on to make the awful ‘Chickens’. Stop them before they act again. The foursome are desperate to finally get girls and they do, sadly. This was cringe comedy that mistook nudity and sex jokes for comedy. Is this actually a savage depiction of Britain’s spoiled innocence disguised as idiot yoof ‘humour’? This was terrible.

Best Lines:
“It is well off.”

“You sh*t on floor. 50 Euro. Each time.”


“It appears Jay slept in an ants nest.”
“Uuuuggh, pain.”

“Smelling like an industrial accident at the Lynx factory.”

“There are North Korean prison camps which are nicer than our hotel.”

“We all wonder that at times.”

“You stopping here?”
“Uh yes, yes we are.”
“Bad luck.”
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