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Book Review: The Council of Shadows

The Council Of Shadows by S.M. Stirling
The 2nd in ‘The Shadowspawn’ trilogy sees Adrian and Ellen fighting against the Shadowspawn’s terrible plans for humanity. But there is a complication they are not aware of. Adrian’s sister Adrienne survived their assassination attempt and has her own horrendous agenda. This was good, a delightfully dark and twisted tale. I eagerly await the 3rd novel.

Best Lines:
“Science we could gradually abolish. A tiresome thing, in any case.”

“Enough humans for servants and food and amusement, enough to make the things we need...The humans will have just as much as we choose to give them, and they will worship us. As we wish it, forever.”

“They always buried the bodies with carved disks of natural pitchblende - uraninite - in the grave as well. To make sure they stayed dead.”

“And soon we will do this to the whole world,”

“The place you sent Cousin Diego after the embarrassing thing with the nun.”

“Like giant rats scuttling between the walls of the world.”
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