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‘Kidnapped’ (1978) opening credits
This David McCallum show has wonderful music and McCallum looks hot in his historical gear running around in the Scotch mist.

David McCallum does not like his 1975 TV show ‘The Invisible Man’. It was supposed to be a dark, serious dramatic tale about a man going mad due to invisibility but in his words: TPTB turned into a stupid light comedy instead. Ouch.

There will be no review of ‘Sins of the Father’.

I will review the 1978 ‘Kidnapped’.

I am reading ‘Magic Rises’.

‘Magic Rises’ Quotes:
“Smart citizens didn’t go out at night. If the lowlifes didn’t get you, the magical aberrations with giant teeth would.”

“If I didn’t know him and I saw him coming in a dark alley, I’d make myself scarce.”

“Most people will see you doing this and decide they should be somewhere else.”

“If my real father discovered I was still breathing, he would move heaven and earth to choke the life out of my body.”

“I had forgotten that talking to you is like trying to pet a cactus,”

“He put people in cages. Lovely.”

‘Blood Games’ Quotes:
“She’ll get you, you know.”
“Maybe I’ll get her first.”

“Just where do you think you’re going, young lady? I’ll tell you precisely where you’re going - back to your room where you’ll change out of that sluttish costume and put on proper attire.”

“The dreaded Hill People.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Sandy is Darren’s mother. Darren reacts badly. The bizarre retcon serves up drama as Sandy’s pack of feral sons object to Darren’s existence. They do have a point. Darren screams, cries and rejects Jack. Sinead carries on prostituting herself and feels cheap.

Best Lines:
“I made a terrible mistake.”
“Come on Mum; let’s give it its real name. Darren. You made Darren.”
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