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Book Reviews: Sleep Tight + Deathstalker War

Sleep Tight by Jeff Jacobson
Bed bugs spread a lethal virus in this enjoyable pulp horror tale. In the corruption plagued city of Chicago, various unpleasant jerks face crawling death. Violence, death and a lunatic doctor combine to make this a good lurid horror.

Best Line:
“Soon the hospital was alive with screaming.”

Deathstalker War by Simon R. Green
Like ‘Deathstalker Rebellion’ and ‘Deathstalker Prelude’, this is a terrible continuation of the enjoyable wry pulp sci-fi novel ‘Deathstalker’. It is all incoherent action and ass pull plot twists. Owen Deathstalker continues his rebellion, Empress Lionstone XIV continues to be evil and the Great Rebellion finally kicks off. This was dull and boring, twist ending aside. I don’t care that Golgotha is Earth or about the fate of any of the characters. I won’t be bothering with anymore ‘Deathstalker' novels.

Best Lines:
“Shut up, Oz. I’m making a dramatic exit.”

“This assignment was one they would be wise not to turn down. Not if they liked their major organs where they were.”

“Valentine hadn’t told anyone that his source for the high tech was actually the rogue AIs of Shub, the official Enemies of Humanity. It would only upset people.”

“The local populace have been practising forbidden forms of democracy.”

“I’ve been hearing that all my life, and there’s still no sign of your aliens. If they were coming, they’d have been here long ago.”

“Shut up and die.”

“Like a hole cut in reality through which some malign god’s light was shining.”
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