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Nikita 3x07 + The Mob Doctor 1x07 + Once Upon A Time 2x18 + The Invisible Man (1975) 1x05 Reviewed

Sonya whines, Michael is sanctimonious and Amanda talks in melodramatic language. Nikita and Ryan over-react to a revelation. Nikita is as arrogant as ever. Sean is AWOL. This episode was annoying as Nikita and her bad haircut causes disaster. The other mole is revealed, there is a gun battle on a Quebec street which leads to a loss in slow motion as ridiculous music plays. This was utterly ridiculous.

Best Lines:
“I didn’t see anyone and I was looking.”

“What’s in his file?”
“Never had one.”

Turf War
It’s a gang war between Constantine and Moretti. Grace returns to work and no-one notices her gunshot wound. Moretti is woefully bad mannered and kind of stupid. FBI Agent York shows up. Grace’s nurse friend figures out that she is mobbed up. There is bad acting all round. Brett and Grace break up. Grace and her nurse buddy defile a corpse to get Moretti arrested. There is a revelation about Franco. This ep was crap.

Best Lines:
“You’re not wanted.”

“Take care of that anger.”

“You’re running on fumes.”

“I’m gonna shoot you in the face.”

“Don’t say nothing to nobody.”
“Cuff em all.”
“Nobody knows nothing!”

Selfless, Brave and True
August is back and I don’t give a damn. David bores, Mary Margaret bores and Emma seems to have forgotten she was once a bounty hunter and the town sheriff. What is she living on? In fact what is Storybrooke doing for money? Mary Margaret whines about her dark heart, junkie bores and his fiancée Tamara is a crazy woman with big secrets. Naturally junkie is too dim to notice. Mary Margaret listens to Joan Jett and we get endless boring flashbacks about August and Tamara. August really was/is a burk. Regina realises who Greg is and menaces him. She’s a nutter. Mary Margaret makes everything all about her. Someone dies and then there is an ass pull ending. This was sappy crap.

Best Lines:
“He’s completely wooden.”

“I also need payment, from your wallet.”

“What he was, is what he is.”

“You’re the same man I left in a Hong Kong gutter.”

Eyes Only
Westin and Kate are to stop a PA named Paula selling secrets. Kate wears an orange blouse, Westin wears a green turtleneck - does he know the beatnik era is over? There is bad SFX. Paula knows about the Klae Resource. A lounge singer in a loud shirt, nehru jacket and beige flares lurks. You could go hang-gliding on his shirt collars. Paula offers to sell info on the SALT talks. Paula wears a coral and white outfit that makes her look like a shrimp cocktail. Westin’s personality free boss looms. Westin never seems to do any science anymore. A villain with a huge bow tie lurks. Paula has a ‘Valley of the Dolls’ back-story and Westin wears a huge plaid tie. Paula has a good cry, Westin sneaks around like a thief in the night, fake blood drips and a cab driver is menaced. This was good but not much is resolved and there are many unanswered questions at the end.

Best Lines:
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Just what it sounds like. A threat.”

“They’ve got her by the throat with both hands.”

“They call it shooting crystals.”

“People don’t want to read about congressmen punching each other.”

“Don’t look back or else.”
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