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Movie Review: The Awakening (2011)

In 1921, Florence debunks séances which has made her both famous and infamous. A teacher asks her to investigate an alleged haunting at his school. His colleagues are not impressed by an educated woman. Some teachers are weird as the shadow of The Great War lies over them all. This starts out promisingly but rapidly turns to pap. Florence is the wrong kind of different. Various trashy and no good weirdoes lurk. Characters hate everything and Florence’s brutal deconstruction of the supernatural vanishes and she turns into a weeping hysteric. Her love interest is a talking man baby, a dollhouse is inexplicably creepy, there are over used scare chords and dumb twists. This could have been good but was just sad and confusing.

Best Lines:
“Your free hand pulling the wick from this woman’s candle as if the dead had something against naked flames. You’re charlatans. And poor ones at that.”

“Rumour is a dangerous thing.”

“Ghosts have footprints?”
“No, people pretending to be ghosts do.”

“Friends he could never have.”
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