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Numb3rs 6x09-6x16 + Supernatural 8x23 + Under The Dome 1x03 Reviewed

Con Job
A convict (Fisher Stevens of ‘Early Edition’) from an earlier episode is brought in to ‘help’ with a heist because the FBI are morons. The con is smug, Don chomps gum and looks bored. Charlie and Amita have to be the shining stars who make the FBI look dumb. A bad guy who seems to be on black tar heroin bores. This was offensively stupid with an obvious ‘twist’.

Best Lines:
“Wait till he finds out I deleted all his porn. There was a lot of it.”

“How many Eppes guys you got in the FBI?”

Old Soldiers
The FBI find D.B. Cooper (Michael Hogan of ‘Battlestar Galactica’). Don does his stoic, silent, constipated act. Alan’s background from ‘Protest’ is brought up, again. David’s dumb. Amita has the world’s most boring subplot and Henry Winkler (of ‘Happy Days’ and ‘Scream’) wanders around being angry. The guy who played the not so gay reporter on ‘Ugly Betty’ shows up as a librarian. This was actually good.

Best Lines:
“You jump out of a plane at night in a rainstorm over a forest of hundred-foot trees.”

“Back when that was happening, seemed someone hijacked a plane every other week.”

“You walked into the wrong house.”

“Uncle Ray is D.B. Cooper?”

“Honestly, I’m glad that he doesn’t carry a gun anymore.”

“I saw what I saw. You saw more.”

“I have no idea where that guy came from you know. It’s like there was my mom, my dad, me. And there was Don.”

Lottery scratch cards are stolen as part of a scam. A snotty kid snots. The poor unfavourite Don hangs out with the frozen faced hag Robin. This was utter crap.

Arm in Arms
Don’s apartment looks radically different from the one sighted in season 1. David harangues a gun runner. Charlie and Amita try to set a date for their wedding. David is way too over earnest. Robin rejects Don’s marriage proposal. This was boring.

Devil Girl
Charlie snots. An angry woman (Clea Duvall of ‘The Faculty’ and ‘Heroes’) kills johns. David bores. Colby is a burk. This season has been brotherly bonding free. This was dull despite Duvall’s best efforts.

Best Lines:
“Football, survival of the witless.”

“I’m a suspect again?”

“You don’t intimidate me, man. I fight with pimps everyday.”

“The cartoon trash they want the girls to wear.”

And The Winner Is
Larry shows up to rave like a meth freak. An award show is robbed. Various has-beens (Marilu Henner and William Katt) are suspects. Don is ignored. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“I probably should have asked permission before setting up residence in your garage.”

“Pointlessly pretty rocks and metals.”

Growin’ Up
A group of men who were molested in 1985 have secrets that involve murder and vigilante justice. Larry mooches off the Eppes clan. Charlie and Amita get jobs at Cambridge University. Don squints. Charlie is an awful brother. One of the 1985 victims all grown up is played by Jon Bernthal of ‘The Walking Dead’ and another victim’s sister is played by Moira Kelly of ‘One Tree Hill’, ‘The Cutting Edge’ and ‘Love, Lies and Murder’. This was icky.

Best Line:
“As thrilled as he gets.”

Cause and Effect
The final ever ep, thankfully. Don wears Alan’s shirt as Charlie and Amita have their dull wedding. Larry conducts the wedding, but of course. Don’s gun is stolen, again. Charlie is an insufferable selfish genius. David gets a job in DC. Larry will takeover Charlie’s job. Various people commit vigilante justice with Don’s gun. An annoying git neighbour is the next target, Ian makes a cameo and Don purses his lips. Rob Morrow has been phoning it in (over a bad line) all season. Amita manipulates, Don proposes again and Robin accepts. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“This guy’s just a malignant narcissist.”

“Enjoy juvie kid.”

“You re a weapon for what’s right”

The ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ song finally shows up again. Kevin exists only to scream and be stupid. Crowley menaces people, Castiel does more squinting, Naomi makes faces, Dean overacts and Sam’s third trial is to cure Crowley. The boring Naomi and her face full of fillers is killed off. Yay! Crowley makes a DIY blood chalice. Two potential big bads are set up for season 9. Crowley faces regime change. Cupid and her stupid bow cameos. Sam may have kind of sort of cured Crowley who starts babbling like a ‘Dr Phil’ guest. Castiel loses his Angel wings. Sam throws a pity party and once again Dean lets him away with it. Has Sam ever apologised for his crap? No. The final scene is impressive. This was good.

Best Line:
“Talk first. Stab later.”

Annoying teenagers get too much screen time. Julia is an inept journalist. Big Jim is a tin pot dictator. Linda is inept. Barbie is an unwashed thug. Angie is dumb. Julia follows the nutty Junior around. Joe fails to notice his sister Angie is missing. Junior tantrums and nothing much happens. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“You’re in charge now?”

“Something goes boom in a small town, parents tend to know.”
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