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Trailers, Quotes and a 1996 Tape Tale

‘Diana’ TV spot
Who thought this was a good idea and why are they still allowed out alone at night?

‘Millennium’ opening credits
Nice credits, nice music, rotten show.

‘Star Trek: First Contact’ TV spot
Patrick Stewart is a bigger ham actor than Shatner.

‘Sliders’ episode promo ‘Dragonslide’

‘The X Files’ episode promo ‘Saguinarium’
The Doctor is out there! Old school.

I’m taking another break from ‘Hollyoaks’.

I am reading ‘Sleep Tight’, again.

No review of ‘The Guilty’ 1x03.

Millionaire’s shortbread bar = nice.
Made Chocolate Decadence cupcakes. Haven’t tasted them yet but I have high hopes.

Don’t Trust The B---- In Apartment 23’ Quotes:
“Teddy and I went to psychopath camp together when we were kids.”

“You deserve that urinary tract infection.”

“I now refer to you as Pee Dragon.”

“I’m coming for you Eli.”

“I owe you one push down one flight of stairs.”

“Emotions are good.”

‘Primal Fear’ (book) Quotes:
“I always assume my client is guilty.”
“Because that’s why they come to me.”

Reign in Hell’ Quote:
“He’s as close to the living Devil as anyone I’ve ever met.”

Cleared out a tape from 1996 or something. It opened with the 'Nash Bridges’ ep ‘Touchdown’ in which Nash wears a loud neon blue suit and I really didn’t care.

Best Line:
“Well that seems a little suspicious to me.”

Then came ‘The X Files’ ep ‘Unruhe’ in which yet another nutter likes to abduct and cut women up. This one likes to do DIY lobotomies. Scully is in peril, Mulder looks into spirit photography and this was dull.

Then came another ‘X Files’ ep ‘The Field Where I Died’ in which Mulder monologues, the FBI raid a cult and Kristen Cloke of ‘’Space: Above & Beyond’, ‘Millennium’ and ‘Final Destination’ plays a cult member who was Mulder’s past life lover or something. Scully has a permasneer, Mulder’s ’acting’ gets cringe inducing and this was dire.

Best Line:
“A paranoid charismatic sociopath.”

Then came another ‘X Files’ ep ‘Aubrey’ in which a cop named BJ who has bad dress sense has dreams and visions about a murder spree from the 1940s that ties in with a current murder spree. Her boss/lover (Terry O’Quinn of ‘Lost’ and ‘Millennium’) is useless. BJ keeps tripping over bodies from the 40s. Scully needs a digital scanner and Mulder learns why the past is intruding on the present. Scully nearly falls down a flight of stairs, BJ is the victim of genetic memory and Mulder gets hit with a fire extinguisher and menaced with a razor. This was good but sadly like ‘Eve’ was never followed up on.

Best Line:
“This time you’ll stay dead.”
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