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Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 Ep 6

The Tower is Tall, but the Fall is Short

John, Sarah and Cameron visit a therapist who is on the list of Skynet's targets. This was a bad ep, signalled as such by the fact that Sarah's idiot narration is back. Anyway Weaver's 'daughter' is scared of her 'mother' and says: "I want my old mommy back". Poor little Savannah ends up at the therapist while Weaver obsesses over the AI (the future Skynet?) she has in her basement. By studying a video of the real Weaver, her Terminator double learns how to fake emotion.

Derek hooks up with Jessie, a fellow resistance buddy who has gone AWOL or has she? She is spying on him and John. Meanwhile Sarah, John and Cameron visit the shrink. John and Weaver just miss each other. The shrink informs Sarah that: "Your daughter has some sort of social disorder." Okay, that was funny and that John is troubled. It's revealed that the reason John is troubled and estranged from his mother ever since 'Samson and Delilah' is because it was John who killed the man who broke into their house.
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