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Numb3rs 6x03-6x08 & The Walking Dead 3x12 Reviewed

7 Men Out
Larry blathers, he has quit CalSci but won‘t leave. Alan has money issues. Charlie blathers as he decides to help his father out. NannyCam shenanigans lead the FBI to Russian roulette online gambling. This was a ludicrous ep that both sucked and blew. It was dull with an over earnest David overacting.

Best Lines:
“After, like, the 30th butt crack, it starts to get a little old.”

“I saw that. It was all over YouTube.”

Where Credit’s Due
Amita and Charlie’s boring relationship drags on. Colby is orange. Don never seems to stay in his own apartment. Alan needs a job. Movie death scenes are copied and a screenwriter (Adam Goldberg) is suspected. This is a ’comedy’ ep which more or less rehashes the plot of ’Scream 3’. The brotherly bonding of season 1 is long gone. Liz doesn’t want to sit at home with the hamster. The Eppes’ home is located in Pasadena apparently. Larry finally leaves. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:
“He’s a writer. They crave any validation they can get.”

“Since when do you read?”

“Gun is down! Gun is down!”

I wish I were watching ‘Sleepy Hollow’. Charlie won’t stop talking. This ep is full of lens flare, blue tints and camera tricks. Don never seems to go into the field anymore. A child has been kidnapped and she may be a human clone. Charlie and Amita blather on about having kids. This was ridiculous with plot gymnastics and it was like a bad ‘Fringe’ ep.

Best Lines:
“Cake is never a problem.”

“I don’t cry when I toss out a Petri dish.”

“When do you find time to teach?”

“You’re making sentences up now.”

Strange events take place at an airbase in this sub par ‘X Files’ knockoff. Don is having a mid life crisis about his job. A Pentagon weirdo lurks. Death and destruction rains down from the sky. Everyone is an idiot, Don sweats and Silas Weir Mitchell of ‘Grimm’ plays an idiot CEO. This was moronic.

Best Lines:
“Do we know what killed them?”
“Being blown up.”

“For a Jewish guy, you sure like getting up on the cross.”

Shadow Markets
Alan is dumb. Amita yaps. A hacker who wants to be a famous rock star hacker causes trouble. He is a smug tool and is played by a poor man‘s Ben Affleck. Alan’s new boss hits on Don, Charlie and Amita. A bad guy tries to jump through a window but the glass won’t break. Don buys a motorbike and wears a dorky helmet. This was silly.

Ian (Lou Diamond Phillips) is accused of murdering a CI and ends up in jail. An obnoxious US Marshal lurks. Ian takes Colby hostage. David is way too over earnest. Colby refuses to see the parallels with the events of ‘The Janus List’. Colby needs to shut up and his tough guy act is just sad. This was a good ep but the fanfic writers would have been happier had Ian taken Don hostage instead.

Best Lines:
“My prom date held up the flower shop he got my corsage from.”

“I could’ve gone for Eppes.”

Rick, Michonne and Carl go on a fractious road trip to get more guns. Why is the roadside grass all nicely mown? A hapless backpacker begs for help and they ignore him. Poor guy. Rick and Carl are jerks and the town they drive to is Rick’s hometown from 1x01. A lunatic survivor starts shooting at them and it’s Morgan (Lennie James of ‘Jericho’) who hasn’t been seen since 1x01. He’s all alone, bitter and kind of insane. Rick and co don’t do much to help other than help themselves to some of his vast gun collection. Morgan won’t go with them, preferring to stay in the town which he has made into a creepy ‘I Am Legend’ style death-trap for walkers. Morgan may be full tilt crazy but he has more sense than Rick.

Carl wanders off to get stuff for Judith. Carl needs a slap. This was the first good ep of season 3 mostly due to the fact there is no Governor, no Andrea, no Merle, no Daryl and no damn prison. Rick and co head back to the prison leaving Morgan to his insanity. Nice going Rick. On their way back to the prison they pass by the remains of the ill-fated hitchhiker who is spread all over the road. They steal his backpack. What a pack of jerks they are. This was good. Morgan and the unfortunate hitchhiker were the only sympathetic people in this ep.

Best Line:
“You will be torn apart by teeth or bullets.”
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