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Book Reviews: Sins of the Son + Hold Me Closer, Necromancer + The Serpent's Shadow

Sins of the Son by Linda Poitevin
Book 2 of ‘The Grigori Legacy’ has bad cover art and an unreadable plot about Angels, Lucifer and The One having soap opera angst. Avoid this paranormal romance like toxic waste.

Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride
This starts out well as a slacker discovers he is a necromancer. Then it all goes to crap as the boo-hiss baddie does boo-hiss stuff, every woman is stroppy and annoying and the constantly changing narrator renders the plot nigh incoherent. This was crap with stage Orish rubbish, moronic werewolves and dumb twists.

The Serpent’s Shadow by Mercedes Lackey
There are good ‘Elemental Masters’ novels like ‘Phoenix and Ashes’, ‘The Wizard of London’ and ‘Reserved for the Cat’, this is not one of those novels. Like ‘Unnatural Issue’ this is a mish mash of what an American writer thinks Victorian London was like while delivering author tracts on history and social issues. This was dreadful with a ridiculous villain.
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