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Numb3rs 6x01&6x02 + The Invisible Man (1975) 1x04 Reviewed

Charlie whines, Don takes his shirt off and what is underneath isn’t that impressive. Colby is as fat and fugly as ever plus he has bad hair. This has lens flare, a hypocrite git activist and a sniper (Gary Cole) who is out to get the smug git. Larry mutters like he is on crack, Amita is off screen dealing with woman lotion or something. Don has bad hair. Charlie wants everything to be all about him. Alan yaps. This was dull and Charlie would just not shut up.

Best Line:
“I’m trying very hard not to kill you.”

Friendly Fire
An annoying musical montage leads up to a shootout that leaves two FBI agents dead. There are endless flashbacks and we get endless blue tints instead of lens flare. Colby needs to lay off the HGH, Charlie won’t shut up and Larry not going to CERN is treated like an international crisis. Am I supposed to care about Larry running his life off in a ditch? Don’s old mentor (another of them?) Rick Fox was involved in the shootout. Charlie is sanctimonious. Larry is either on drugs or having a psychotic break. Don hasn’t fully recovered from the stabbing. Alan yaps. Pete Fox is trash and so is his ham lips concubine. There is bad acting. Charlie is a self righteous right fighter. Rick Fox tries to kill Don in a scene that makes no damn sense as Fox tries to prove up his victim role. Rob Morrow really isn’t the best actor. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:
“He threw up on my shoes.”

“You threatened to mace me.”

“Hold the twist, just bring the bottle.”

Man of Influence
This show had nice theme music. Important Washington DC people are attending séances and being manipulated by a spiritualist named Gide. Westin and Kate are hired to stop him. Kate fakes having ‘Carrie’ powers. Gide shouts all his dialogue. Gide knows about the Klae Resource. Westin’s plastic surgeon friend Nick hasn’t been seen since the ‘Pilot’. The unsubtle baddies try to kill Westin by fiddling with his car which seems to be made of explodium. This allows David McCallum to go full tilt large ham as Westin fakes being his own ghost. This was good and delightfully OTT.

Best Lines:
“Modesty is the sackcloth of small minds.”

“Breezes don’t turn doorknobs.”

“Pardon me while I take my head off.”

“There was a little man and he had a little gun and his bullets were made of lead, lead, lead. He went to the brook and saw a little duck and he shot it through the head, head, head.”
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