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Movie Review: Battle Los Angeles

Battle Los Angeles (2011)
This has stirring music playing at various points, cardboard cut-out characters and an alien invasion. This film does not do sparse minor notes. The billy-no-mates Staff Sergeant (Aaron Eckhart of ‘The Dark Knight’) and various dead meat characters head out to rescue civilians. It looks like ‘Call of Duty’ and you don’t care about anything or anyone. You might as well be watching ‘Combat Academy’ for all the emotional resonance. The aliens look like tinker toys, ‘Starship Troopers’ was better. The aliens want our water apparently. Surely there are easier ways to get it? This has incoherent action, darkness, fires, death and Michelle Rodriguez.

Best Lines:
“They appear mechanical in nature. This is not a meteor show marines.”

“Aliens? That’s not possible right?”

“Promise me you won’t let me be taken alive by some godless predator from another world.”

“We’re levelling Santa Monica sir?”

“I’d rather be in Afghanistan.”

“They are here for our resources...we are being colonized.”

“Let’s take back Los Angeles.”
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