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Trailer, Quotes and Stuff

‘How I Live Now’ trailer
Looks good.

Had a Meatzza - not bad.
I like Peppermints.

Reviews of ‘The Awakening‘ and ‘Torchwood: Exodus Code’ forthcoming.

I am reading ‘Hold Me Closer, Necromancer’.

A ‘The Walking Dead’ spin-off in 2015?!? Why?!?!

‘Don’t Trust The B---- In Apartment 23’ Quotes:
“I’ve too much money. My wallet’s so thick it’s hurting my back.”

“What’s your chicken?”

“Just go off the phone with the adoption agency. Baby’s cancelled. Good luck growing up in the Ukraine, baby. You’ll be cold and I’ll be drunk.”

“Get naked and wait.”

“I am Monday June fun!”

NCIS: Los Angeles’ Quote:
“Let’s do what we do.

‘Hold Me Closer, Necromancer’ Quotes:
“You look filthier than a hot tub in a brothel.”

“Nothing about you is natural.”

“There was something disturbing about this particular basement having an easy-rinse floor.”

Watched some ‘Hollyoaks’. Myra faked her own murder and fled framing Dr Paul for her ‘death’ so they’re both gone. Robbie Roscoe is lying about being molested whilst the other male members of his clan continue to refuse to wear sleeves. Will murders his mother. Carmel McQueen wears clothes a Sindy doll would find too tacky. Everyone is orange. Frankie suspects that Jack is the father of Joe Roscoe. Frankie has her usual meltdown. Frankie never learns. Patrick suspects Will of Anna's murder.
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