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Movie Reviews: Insidious Chapter 2 + Eurotrip

Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)
Following on from the cliffhanger of ‘Insidious’, once again strange things are happening to the Lambert family. They’ve moved in with Josh’s mom in her huge house where strange noises come over the baby monitor, toys move of their own accord and spectres lurk. The hapless family are subjected to more ghostly goings on. The comedy ghostbusters take up screen time, spirits communicate via boggle, there is timey-wimey stuff going on and Patrick Wilson overacts.  Whilst this isn’t scary it does entertain. But what happened to the police investigation?

Best Lines:
“Bring it!”

“Only you could play it that badly.”

Eurotrip (2004)
Four sex obsessed rather stupid Americans go on a trip across Europe and encounter football hooligans, sex dungeons, perverts and create a scene at the Vatican. Vinnie Jones of 'The Cape' features as a hardman football hooligan, Lucy Lawless is a sex dungeon madam and the Americans are geographically ignorant. This was a silly comedy.

Best Lines:
“Paris is practically a suburb of Berlin, it’s a nothing commute.”

“Garlic breath tossers!”

“That wanker’s got a frog football shirt on!”
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