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Fringe 1x13 Review: The Transformation

After two dire eps, the show gets back on its feet with this ep. The higher quality may be down to the fact that the idiot IA plot is absent and that Massive Dynamic and John Scott are back.

A man turns into a hideous monster in an airplane bathroom and causes the plane to crash. The remains of this "fried dog man" are found in the wreckage with a mysterious glass disc in its palm. This is an info disc that has been seen before on this show. Olivia is shown John Scott's body at Massive Dynamic and she has more memory flashes of him. Turns out John wasn't a baddie after all. Now Olivia and Peter have to go undercover to take down the baddie that John Scott had been after.

Also it looks like the John Scott arc is over and there are more hints that there is weirdness with Peter. This was a goodish episode. It's all ludicrous, nobody even raises an eyebrow at a man turning into a monster in a airliner bathroom. But it's enjoyably ludicrous.
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