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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 Issue 25 Reviewed

The Core, part five
Season 9 ends, thankfully, as the gang bring magic back. Buffy walks off a sucking chest wound to defeat Simone. The demon that created all vampires is too easily defeated. There are incoherent fight scenes. Buffy is responsible for Simone and takes no responsibility. The gang somehow get to San Francisco from the Deeper Well. Why can’t they leave Dawn dead? Xander coins the term slaypire as he broods. Buffy finally decides to read the Vampyr book onto to learn she can’t. What did she do down in the Deeper Well? Who is the woman at the end and why should I care? I’m not so hot for season 10. This was okay but flawed.

Best Line:
“You have a hole in your chest.”
“It’s not that big.”

“This staff only has one speed.”
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