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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Bad Grandpa’ trailer
Words fail me. They really do.

‘Runner Runner’ TV spot
Just go away Justin Timberlake.

Saw ‘Amadeus’. What became of Tom Hulce since 1984?

RIP Ann Crispin.

I made White Trash cupcakes. Forgot the pecans but they turned out well.

‘True Blood’ is ending after season 7. Aww, less Alexander Skarsgard on my TV.

Reviews of ‘The Blacklist’ coming soon.

‘Prime Directive’ Quotes:
“I’m a junior grade who’s spent the last year here on the moon defending red shirts for slam boxing in bars on shore leave.”

“Wouldn’t you rather have avoided the publicity of court-martialing the entire bridge crew of one of your most prominent ships.”

“The Constellation’s entire crew had been lost. Decker had destroyed both himself and his ship to avenge them.”
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