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Supernatural 1x04 + The Walking Dead 3x11 + Falling Skies 1x09&1x10 + Supernatural8x21&8x22 Reviewed

Supernatural (1977) 1x04

Mr Nightingale
This is an unloved BBC anthology series about a Club of the Damned which new members can only get into by telling a scary story. Cue boring piano music. Men in dodgy wigs listen as old Mr Nightingale (Jeremy Brett sporting awful fake teeth) tells his story via ponderous voiceover.

Thirty years ago in Hamburg, young Mr Nightingale (Brett with a blonde poodle wig) hears weird noises as he hangs out with an annoying family. There is an overlong discussion about fish. An annoying girl (Lesley-Ann Down) makes eyes at Mr Nightingale. Everyone acts like they are on drugs. Mr Nightingale wants to know when he will die. Even with the late Jeremy Brett in it, this was utter utter crap.

I ain’t a Judas
Michonne cleans her sword, Maggie hurls accusations and Rick is finally called on his loony behaviour. The Governor plans for war. What exactly are the prison folk and the Woodbury lot fighting about? The Governor sports an eye patch. The gang Rick kicked out of the prison get refuge in Woodbury, where they describe Rick as “screaming like an idiot.” Rick does come across as a loon. The dumb Andrea visits the prison and Rick’s gang come across as aggressive and war mongering.  The Andrea/Michonne friendship is over. Woodbury is an armed camp. Carol urges Andrea to kill her boyfriend, no go. Rick’s gang sit in the dark in the squalid prison and sing. This was a yawner.

Best Lines:
“We aint’ scared of that prick.”
“Y’all should be.”

“You should stop.”

“Glad you came back.”
“To what? All this?”
“This is our home.”
“This is a tomb.”

“Ran into some whack job in a prison.”

“Shane loved Rick.”
“Shane loved Lori.”

A career military guy is lurking - where did he come from? Weaver is suddenly a pill head. Matt sulks. Weaver and Tom have issues. Rick is creepy. Ben worries. Porter and the 4th and 5th Mass may all be dead. This was dull sap. Weaver leads an expedition to carry out the big attack; it is like that scene in ‘Band of Brothers’ with the sky full of planes heading for D-Day. Only not.

Best Lines:
“I am staying away from you, just not that far.”

“If you wanna get along with me Pope, don’t think.”

Eight Hours
Rick sells out the 2nd Mass. There is sap. Ben can hear the aliens and the 2nd Mass try to jam the frequency. Karen shows up. The big attack on the alien structure over Boston comes to nothing. Tom wields a bazooka. A spaceship lands and a fish/humanoid alien insists Tom come for a chat. Or else. Tom gives into the emotional blackmail and it is all very ’Close Encounters of the Third Kind’. Weaver stands idly by. I feel not-hate for this show.

Best Line:
“You murdered millions of people. You steal our children. Now you wanna talk?”

The Great Escape
Why didn’t they bring Kevin into the MOL HQ? Kevin is Crowley’s prisoner. Dean cooks for and waits on the thankless Sam. Kevin cries. Castiel lurks with bad hair. Naomi bores (Amanda Tapping ruins yet another show after ‘SG1’, ‘SGA’, ‘SGU’ and ‘Sanctuary’). There is bad acting all round and the Voice of God (Curtis Armstrong of ‘Better off Dead’) is located. Sam makes it all about him, again. There is muttering about Great Levers, Crowley gets the Angel tablet and it is all so boring.

Best Lines:
“You back on the crack Perry?”

“You don’t even die right do you?”

“You little prat.”

“A little help here?”

Clip Show
Crowley decides to kill everyone the Winchesters ever saved. He starts with the guy from season 1's ' Wendigo', someone from a season 7 ep, and season 1's Sarah Blake. Dean waits on the ungrateful Sam some more. Dean does not forgive Castiel. They watch some old MOL home movies as they figure out how to cure a demon. Sam and Dean are incompetent as people die. Marv and Castiel have their own agenda. Dean and Sam sew together the demon Abaddon who promptly escapes. Sam and Dean are idiots. Crowley is the son of a witch and alas poor orange Sarah. This was okayish.

Best Lines:
“I have to cure a demon.”
“Of what?”

“Class 5 Infernal Event?”

“Not killy enough.”

“Put the virgin down Castiel.”
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