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1990 1x01 + The Guilty 1x01 + Nikita 3x05 + The Mob Doctor 1x05 Reviewed

1990 (1977 - 1978) 1x01

Creed of Slaves
This ‘futuristic’ dystopian drama was about a UK controlled by the PCD and Jim Kyle (Edward Woodward) was a crusading journalist on one of the last independent newspapers. It had bizarre 70’s opening credits with bizarre 70’s theme music. Everything in this 70’s version of 1990 is grey and miserable: the police shoot at a hungry dog, people wear ugly clothes, parasitism is the number one social sin (what today is called benefit scrounging) and the technology is all 1970s. The PCD (Public Control Division) has a huge spy network in the UK - shades of Prism.

Jim Kyle gets a scoop about Adult Rehabilitation Centres for the treatment of social misfits. You can get sent there for such social sins as malingering, moonlighting and requesting an exit visa. The PCD spy on Kyle suspecting he has bleeding heart tendencies and somehow can’t get any evidence of his bleeding heart liberalism. Three PCD types hang out in their office which looks like a BBC newsroom and plot.

Meanwhile a doctor wants an exit visa and despairs because his daughter loves the PCD children’s propaganda book ‘Mary Brave’. The PCD storm into his house and they have Right Of Entry. Kyle is helping computer engineers escape the country but Kyle is so flawed, self-centred, jaded and self-absorbed you don’t care. This was dull, give me ‘Spooks: Code 9’ any day.

How the UK ended up like this isn’t clear, the USSR still exists, Kyle has a source and a pro-PCD newspaper has a headline that reads: ‘Concentration Camps? Tosh!’ Nobody did high dudgeon like Edward Woodward but despite his best efforts even he can’t save this. Kyle spouts high flown rhetoric apparently in pursuit of the public interest but it is actually in furtherance of his own interests. You don’t care about Kyle or ‘1990’. I’m sure The Guardian loved this pap.

Best Lines:
“The nearest phone that works is a mile from here.”

“The independent newspapers seem bent on suicide.”

“Someone wearing size 14’s trod on his camera.”

“The loo can wait!”

“Violence is the language of lunatics.”

The Guilty (2013) part 1
This three part ITV drama covers two time periods. In 2008, a child named Calum disappears at a BBQ while his surly ladydrunk mother (Katherine Kelly) sulks. In 2013, Callum’s body is found just yards from his cop and a misery guts detective (Tamsin Greig) investigates. In 2008 everything is golden and warm. Callum is an undisciplined brat and his older half brother Luke is ignored. Ladydrunk's husband Daniel keeps his family together and the nanny Nina is dodgy. In 2013, everything is grim and dark. Daniel is still keeping what is left of his family together and his ladydrunk wife has become even surlier.

It is made clear that the original investigation into Callum’s disappearance was a disaster both logistically and PR wise. It resulted in the only suspect, Jason who was Nina’s boyfriend, killing himself. It is now clear that the weird Jason didn’t kill Callum but who did? There are a lot of suspects on Callum’s street. This was okay but slightly dull.

Best Line:
“How many dead kids you gonna get in one street?”

The Sword’s Edge
This had bad green screen, Ryan being exposed as a useless liar, the POTUS is an idiot and Michael sports a mask straight out of ‘Mission Impossible’. President Markov of madeup land is actually a Division agent and Division have to being him down without the POTUS finding out. Alex is a dim bulb, the POTUS’ plan to wipe out all of Division is revealed, Nikita is stupid and the goob Ryan should have been killed long ago. Owen emotes, there are twists and Nikita seeks to be morally legitimised. This was improbable pap.

Best Lines:
“This guy literally has an army.”

“Sneaky sneak.”

“Gas attacks. Explosions. I was safer in a Russian prison.”

“Your pathetic new Division is not worth saving.”

“Killer in the White House! Killer in the White House!”

A girl who needs a heart transplant annoys and her father used to be Constantine’s cellmate. He demands to be killed so he can donate his heart to his daughter. But she hates him and doesn’t want his heart. Grace being an awful person fixes things. Olivia deals with a mystery case. Nate bores and gets a beat down. There is medical stupidity, Grace acts suspiciously, Constantine is really a jerk, everyone is an objectionable idiot and there is no sign of Moretti. This was ludicrous.

Best Lines:
“You find it at all odd that he just happened to be shot right outside our hospital?”

“Your father was an awful man.”

“It was one thing to believe he couldn’t be a good father. It was another to learn he chose not to be.”
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