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The Walking Dead 3x10 + Falling Skies 1x02&1x03&1x04 +Supernatural 8x19&8x20 Reviewed

Rick is crazy some more and does Kubrick staring. Lori is still on the damn show despite being dead. The Governor plays the stupid Andrea. Daryl and Merle bore. Glen is a moron. Maggie broods. Idiots are in peril. Daryl kills a zombie with a car door. There is death, the Governor attacks and there is mass zombie killing. But it is all so dull. Everyone is either stupid or talking about their feelings.

Best Lines:
“He didn’t know you were coming last time and look what happened.”

“Rick wandering crazy town.”

“In here I see plenty of dudes crack.”

The Armory
This was a disjointed ep as Tom and his gang got abducted by a gang of outlaws led by Pope. Hal was an idiot. Outlaw trash Maggie switches sides. Jerkass Pope looks like Chewbacca’s ass. Lourdes the Catholic survivor loves Hal who ignores her. This was mediocre and full of sap.

Best Lines:
“They can minimize the whining and be grateful for the oatmeal.”

“Sent back to the undoubtedly hideous planet they call home.”

“The 90% of mankind that’s already gone to the grave.”

“Last book any of them read had a dog named Spot in it.”

“There ain’t no place this is going but down.”

“You better run professor.”

“Join or die.”

“Being the leader of a post-apocalyptic gang of outlaws has been exhausting.”

Prisoner of War
Ben and other harnessed kids scavenge scrap metal. Tom acts like Ben is the only harnessed kid that matters. The 2nd Mass hang out in a school and plan an insurgency. Pope moans about the food and is made the 2nd Mass chef. Dr Harris (Steven Weber) shows up to perform a harness removal operation on a freed teenager. Tom marches purposefully somewhere, bleeds from the head and captures a skitter. Hal overacts and snots. Maggie has salon perfect hair. Karen is captured. Tom displays aggro. Dr Harris and Dr Anne display no concept of sterile procedure. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“They flew here in spaceships and turned kids into slaves just to collect old toasters and copper wire?”

“I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for three entire cell blocks. That’s 170 inmates. If they didn’t like my food, I’d lose body parts.”

The 2nd Mass try to talk to the POW skitter. Tom and co and Pope head off to find motorbikes. Nobody seems interested in rescuing Karen. Hal sulks. Information about skitters is revealed. Harris is unhelpful. Just why the skitters attacked and what their plans are for Earth is no clearer. Pope escapes on a dirt bike. Tom is in denial about Ben. This was okay but had sap and an annoying Aren’t We So Clever And Liberal vibe.

Best Lines:
“The Brad Pitt of skitterworld.”

“At least they’re sleeping and not having skitter group sex.”

“We already know what it wants.  It wants to exterminate us!”

Taxi Driver
Kevin bores and is ignored. Sam goes off to rescue Bobby’s soul from Hell for this second trial. Sam uses a ‘rogue’ Reaper to get into Purgatory which he treats like a stroll in a well lit park and then he sneaks into Hell. Bobby is just fine despite being in Hell for ages. Where is Bela? Sam sulks, Crowley lurks, Hell looks like a badly lit basement and there is bad acting. Bobby is as thankless as ever and why does he still have his trucker cap? Naomi bores, Benny shows up and Sam once again justifies not bothering to get Dean out of purgatory. Sam and Bobby are thankless, Sam’s incurable cough of death is AWOL and Mrs Tran may be dead. This was horrid.

Best Lines:
“Winchester, detach.”

“Let me know when there is a good day.”

“Hell’s too good for him.”

“Oh come on!”

Pac-Man Fever
The prologue makes this look cool but the ep turns to crap as soon as the Attention Seeking Manic Pixie Dreamgirl Charlie shows up to annoy. Sam needs to cut his hair. WTF is the TPTB obsession with Charlie? Sam bores, Charlie is too old to be a Manic Pixie Dreamgirl and I don’t care about her back-story. I just did not care about this load of arse gravy at all.

Best Lines:
“You took a siesta around noon, yesterday.”


“About this childhood trauma you experienced earlier?”

“The Field Office had a power outage after catching fire.”

“Do you know what I smell on you?”
“Deodorant? A little pee maybe?”
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