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One More Tale of the Tape

Found another tape, circa 2001 (maybe) it has four TV show episodes on it. Two 'Popular', one 'G vs E' and one 'Andromeda'. My tv tastes seem to have changed greatly since I taped this stuff.

'Booty Camp' was the first 'Popular' episode and Principal Hall sets up a sensitivity training camp to reform wayward students. Harrison, Josh, Sugar Daddy and Nicole are the first lot in and have to do a Broadway dance routine to the 'Top Gun' soundtrack. Eventually Brooke, Sam, Carmen, Mary Cherry and Lily all end up there too and are informed: "Personal space will be respected!" The sensitivity training scenes were funny but Josh's deathly dull subplot shows to full effect that he cannot act. This was okish.

The second 'Popular' episode was 'All About Adam' and had Wentworth Miller of 'Prison Break' guest starring as Adam. He is a new student and wants to be a cheerleader. Via various camp schemes he blackmails the Glamazons into letting him onto the squad. Mary Cherry, Poppy and Nicole are so freaked out by his manipulations they hallucinate that he is Satan. Everyone joins forces to stop his cheerleader sabotage. This was funny and Miller was hilarious.

The 'G vs E' ep was 'Relic of Evil'. The morlock El Aurens turns Henry into a demon, only Chandler's moron son Ben can save the day. This was bad and full of idiot characters.

The final ep was an 'Andromeda' episode entitled 'An Affirming Flame'. This was only the second ever ep and showed the gang getting together. Full of shooting and fighting, it was dire.

Best Lines:
"Violence begets violence."
"Well I say it's time we start begetting."
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