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A Touch of Cloth II: Undercover Cloth part two (2013) Reviewed

It’s all played deadly earnest as Cloth is dedicated to his job and Anne Oldman has an expressionless face. There is a ridiculous chase, death via JCB and Tom Boss gets angry. There is a museum robbery, a bomb, death, a telethon in peril, an obvious baddie and a bizarre love twist. Sadly it was all really annoying and unfunny. Still I’ll be there for ‘A Touch of Cloth III’ in 2014.

Best Lines:
“Scotch. Office. You. Get.”

“The case would never be closed, much like your legs.”

“I prefer my suspects 100% less killed.”

“I’m not a cop. Ask me how much I like crime. Out of ten.”

“I’m important and angry.”

“Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?”
“Depends if you watch your mum with her clients.”

“Shut your muncher!”

“I’ll bleed when I’m dead.”
“That’s not how blood works.”

“She’s going into flashback.”

“My backside is about to be sick.”

“Do you want me to shoot you again?”
“No thank you.”

“Camera one: a piece of windpipe has just landed in Rufus’ hair. Zoom in on that.”
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