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Movie Reviews: Dawn of the Dead + Peggy Sue Got Married

Dawn of the Dead (2004)
This Zack Snyder directed remake is okay, better than the boring original. Ana (Sarah Polley) an overworked nurse wakes up to find civilization has collapsed due to a zombie virus. She and other incompetent selfish idiots hole up in a shopping mall. She seems to forget her zombie husband and moons over Michael (Jake Weber of ‘American Gothic’) and is annoyed by Steve (Ty Burrel of ‘Modern Family’).

Lindy Booth of ‘Odyssey 5’ and ‘Relic Hunter’ plays yet another bimbo and a group of dog-on-a-string type security guards get an inexplicably large amount of screen time. There are cameos from some of the starts of the original movie, characters are cardboard and time is wasted by people being morons. Finally the mall is over-run and they have to make an escape in shuttle buses. This was slightly dull brought down by rampant stupidity and gun fetishization.

Best Lines:
“Are these people alive or dead?”
“We don’t know.”

“We’re going to the mall.”

“She’s a twitcher.”

“Maybe they’re coming for us.”

“When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth.”

“I’ll get as far as I can.”
“Right now that’s about one foot out that door.”

“We’re going to drive across a ruined city through a welcoming committee of a few hundred thousand dead cannibals.”

Peggy Sue Got Married (1986)
This Francis Coppola directed time travel story is boring. Peggy Sue faints at her 25th High School Reunion and wakes up in 1960 where she tries to avoid ending up with her cheater loser husband Charlie (Nicolas Cage).

This has Peggy Sue wearing an ugly silver dress to the reunion, Helen Hunt playing Peggy Sue and Charlie’s daughter, Jim Carrey playing one of Charlie’s idiot friends and Sofia Coppola as Peggy Sue’s younger sister Nancy.

Charlie is an ass who seems to be on drugs so Peggy Sue hurls herself at wannbe poet Michael (Kevin J. O’Connor of ‘The Mob Doctor’) to the shock of her friends (Catherine Hicks and Joan Allen) and the amusement of the school mean girl (Lisa Jane Persky). This was dull with sap, a ridiculous ending. Why does Peggy Sue have to give up and hurl herself at the crazy Charlie?

Best Lines:
“From snivelling runt to pompous ass in 25 years. That’s quite an accomplishment.”

“I’m going to Liverpool and discover The Beatles.”

“He is the perfect American author: fat, violent, drunk.”

“That commie Beatnik!”
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