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Book Reviews: Hell Train + Kitty In The Underworld

Hell Train by Christopher Fowler
A Hammer style chiller set in World War 1 Eastern Europe as various morons board the Arkangel train. Sounds promising but sadly is boring, badly written crap.

Best Lines:
“There are tales about her that would burn your ears.”

“She had no time for men’s wives.”

“How did he die?”
“In the most mundane way possible, mown down by a Hackney carriage on the Strand.”

“Something behind her was moving.”

“He seemed rather unsurprised by an Englishwoman being chased by a dead member of the Carpathian royal family.”

Kitty In The Underworld by Carrie Vaughn
Kitty is kidnapped by a cult and held in silver mine as they plot the downfall of Roman. Kitty is deliberately defiant and annoying, there are pages upon pages of padding and I am oh so tired of Roman and the Long Game. This was worthless.

Best Lines:
“Maybe I was being prepared as a hideous sacrifice to some ancient chthonic god. That had happened to me once.”

“Glaring like the world had insulted him.”

“If he’d lain in a grave all those centuries, he could have decayed any more thoroughly.”
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