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‘Theatre of the Dead’ (2013) trailer
This Oz horror is about annoying musical theatre types who can’t act being menaced by zombies. This low budget film looks stupid.

Hatchet III’ trailer
Victor Crowley is back after the dreadful ‘Hatchet II’. Marybeth is arrested and she still has that silly hook eyebrow. A search team looks for Crowley and gore ensues. I think I’ll skip this; third time is not the charm.

Best Lines:
“You still think he’s dead?”

“Balls are not supposed to be hanging from trees.”

“Nobody’s going to be alive tomorrow.”

‘Blackout’ promo
This new Channel 4 drama looks good.

Lemon Choc = nice.

Saw bacon flavoured lip balm and bacon flavoured frosting = gross.

‘Night Pilgrims’ Quotes:
“Feeling an ancient pull to the shrines and statues to persons and gods that few recognized for what they were.”

“Heneri said something in Arabic that did not sound flattering.”

‘Glee’ Quotes:
“Oh sweet merciful lord.”

“Put down the haterade.”

‘Nashville’ is kind of annoying mostly due to Eric Close. Who keep hiring him and why?
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