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Jericho #4 + The Green Hornet #5 Reviewed

Jericho Season 4 Issue #4
The long delayed issue arrives. Beck and Heather are in peril which makes Beck look incompetent. Everyone has shampoo commercial hair. The Texas militia show up. Where did Gail and Johnston’s identical cousin go? There is muttering about John Smith and super soldiers. This was dull exposition dumping. Why and when did this comic become all about bloody John Smith? I don’t care about bloody John Smith! Plus enough with the boring photo covers.

Best Line:
“Now it’s over. We won.”

The Green Hornet #5
Britt Reid is a pariah and has seemingly recovers his marbles. Dugan rebels against the Hornet. Britt and Kato resolve their differences via a violent fight. Britt fights back against the conspiracy. This was good, save for some misplaced dialogue boxes.

Best Lines:
“I’m looking for my chauffeur.”
“Black mask? Kicks like a tornado?”
“Seen him?”
“Right behind you.”

“You’re too groggy to break me in half.”
“I’m never that groggy.”

“I’ll buy another paper ----and beat The Sentinel to death with it.”
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