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Falling Skies 1x01 +The Mob Doctor 1x04 +Once Upon A Time 2x15 +Nikita 3x04 Reviewed

Falling Skies (2011 - 2015) 1x01

Live and Learn
Aliens have attacked, the military and major cities are wiped out and the survivors deal with the weird Mechs and Skitters and their unknowable agenda. Tom (Noah Wyle of ’er’) is a history professor turned fighter. He is sweet on Doctor Anne (Moon Bloodgood of ’Journeyman’) and butts heads with fellow survivor Weaver (Will Patton of ’VR5’ and ’No Way Out’).

Tom has three sons: the young bratty troglodytic Matt, the James Dean wannabe Hal and the MIA Ben who is a prisoner of the aliens. The survivors have split up into cells, Tom and his brood are part of the 2nd Massachusetts which is basically a refugee column. The aliens build weird structures, do strange things to captured people and also lay traps in food warehouses. Tom leads a mission to loot food for the 2nd Mass which gets violent.

This has loads and loads of characters among them: Dai who is not big on soaring oratory, the gun packing kid Jimmy and Hal’s love interest Karen. This was good, far better than ’Terra Nova’. But where do they get the petrol for cars and motorbikes? Why do people spend five minutes staring at kids skateboarding? If TPTB keep the sap down this could be really good.

Best Lines:
“We cannot fight these things unless we know how.”

“I wonder what its thinking.”
“Nothing now.”

Change of Heart
Grace’s skills know no bounds, now she has to be a midwife to a woman carrying a politician’s lovechild. Moretti’s trial is going ahead with him in absentia, so Moretti decides to derail it. Constantine sleazes, Franco greases, Grace staples someone’s head and a guy has spinal fluid shooting out of his nose. Grace’s nurse sidekick gets more involved, Franco stalks a woman named Peggy and Grace has to do an emergency operation in a hospital room and doesn’t even draw the curtains. This was dull. Constantine is offensive, Grace’s rival messes up during a big heart operation, people are idiots and I feel a growing detachment from what constitutes a society on this show. Moretti is disgusting, Constantine usually expects something back from you even if he doesn’t explain this until much later and Grace is annoying. This was dull, however the fact there was no Nate in this episode was a plus.

Best Lines:
“I see prison didn’t knock the edge off.”

“Hi Grace and guy from the bar last night.”

“Remember when our basketball team beat East Side and a riot broke out? You jumped off your chair and threw it in the mix.”
“Yeah and I got punched in the face for it.”
“Yeah and you knocked out the bitch that punched you.”

“Respect the thorns.”

“I got friends in low places.”

“I told you it was too quiet.”

The Queen is Dead
Snow has flashbacks to her mother (Rena Sofer) who wore a hideous dress while the hideously spoilt little Snow pranced around in a vomit of candyfloss and wore a tacky looking tiara. No-one notices Hook prancing around in leather all over the place. Regina and Cora plot. Everyone is stupid and hysterical. Snow whines. Henry hangs out with his junkie looking father. This was full of sap and over wrought acting. Rumple doesn’t fall for Henry’s cutesy act. The Queen spouts platitudes and dies. Cora killed her and now she kills someone else. Rumple’s dagger is a big plot point. Regina really is irredeemable and has her own fabulous life of crapulence to live. This was awful and junkie has secrets.

Best Lines:
“Neither one of those options sounds good.”

“Power’s how you get things.”

“You caused this.”

“You know how to steer a pirate ship?”

“Bad news Gold.”
“What, worse than incurable poison?”

“Poison looks good on you.”

“Snow would have been a great ruler someday but that will never happen because my daughter will be Queen.”

“I will not let you win, not again.”

“Her father would be searching for a new Queen.”

Owen is broken out of a Russian prison. Sean is wallpaper, Alex pops painkillers, there are unnecessary flashbacks and Ryan bores. Owen is a violent idiot, Nikita is a hypocrite and Amanda shows up. This had Ian Fleming crap, Ari being useless, Nikita showing off her new lips, a biohazard attack and Amanda showing off her bad haircut. This bored - it had way too much of people walking like hood thugs with a wannbe gritty cut throat air. I don’t care about Owen’s amnesia or twitching. I don’t care about Sean, Alex or Amanda and her over acting.

Best Lines:
“I guess they got a lot of new dead people.”

“You are still standing in it.”

“Wait a minute; you are on top of him.”

“I got the crypto-thingy.”
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