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The Walking Dead 3x09 + Supernatural 8x17&8x18 Reviewed

The Suicide King
Andrea is a moron. The nasty Merle and Daryl team up. Rick and co attack Woodbury some more. Carol needs a man to tell her what to do. The new people at the prison get to settle in for all of five minutes. Rick’s gang come across as a cult. Rick is ungrateful and crazy. Michonne and the new people are not welcome. Daryl and Merle take off. The words ‘thank you’ do not exist for Rick. Glen yells. Woodbury is in uproar and Andrea is useless and is full of sheltered naivety. Rick plays little part in little bastard’s upbringing and scarcely notices other survivors except as objects of wrath. People sit around talking about their feelings. Rick displays crooked-mouthed fury and ejects the new people in a flurry of insanity. This was sombre crap. Rick freaking out, again, annoyed.

Best Lines:
“That psycho back there.”

“You’re making things worse.”

“It could get ugly again.”

“What kind of a sick mind does that?”
“The kind this world creates.”

“You think The Governor will retaliate?”
“Let him try.”

“You’re wrong on this.”

Goodbye Stranger
TPTB make Dean dumb again. Sam lies and coughs up blood. Castiel is back as is Meg. Demons behave weirdly. Sam is a snot. Crowley growls. Meg and Castiel may have done pizza man role play sex. Eeewww. Dean is a nuisance. Naomi annoys. Dean blubbers. Sam does more of the incurable cough of death. There is death and violence. This started out with promise but turned to crap and there was a seen it all before twist. This disappointed.

Best Lines:
“Power tools gone rogue?”

“Lucifer had crypts?”

“Who’s up for fleeing?”

“The stone with the funny scribbles on it.”

Freaks and Geeks
Dean and Sam run into a trio of teenage hunters who hunt vamps under the direction of their mentor Victor. This had bad acting, a back story I didn’t care about and it bored. Bobby was a barely functional alcoholic despite Dean’s denial of the fact. Sam’s incurable cough of death vanishes for this ep. There is a vampire who looks like Dawson Leery. There are idiots, loons and death. This was dull and boring and Sam whines about wanting a normal life some more.

Best Lines:
“We found that strange also.”

“We paid cash too. Just more.”

“Move on. But never forget.”

“The next generation of hunters has to be better.”

“Never trust a guy who wears a sweater.”

“Vampires don’t beg for their lives, they attack.”

“Your self righteous ass of a brother.”

“Don’t make me hurt you.”
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